Top VR Media Players For Android And IOS

As virtual reality[1] content becomes increasingly pervasive so do the apps for users to enjoy this kind of videos. There is now a wide selection of VR media players for Android and iOS. However, since the market is still new, consumers are not yet familiar with them. And since mobile storage space is at a premium, everyone wants to get the app that delivers the perfect ‘quality : resource usage’ ratio.

The question is: what kind of quality and benefits should users look for in VR media players? When it comes to classic video players, most people know exactly what they are looking for, as they have had a long experience testing various software and apps.

When it comes to VR media players, things are not very different. A reliable player that satisfies the average user’s needs should have the following features:

  • Compatible with various video formats;
  • Capable of accessing media from various sources, such as local storage and URLs;
  • Allow the user to set various parameters for an optimal viewing experience;
  • Good head tracking with reduced latency.

These being said, here is our selection of VR media players for Android and iOS you should try:

1. VaR’s VR Video Player

Supported OS: Android[3]

This is one of the best free VR video players for Android devices. It offers great viewing experience both for VR games and 3D videos and supports all modes, such as stereoscopic side by side, stacked, (panorama) 180º and 360º, as well as regular videos.

VaR's VR Video Player

It is developed by a gaming company, thus it features excellent head tracking and offers the user full control to adjust various parameters, from basic ones (saturation, contrast, brightness) to advanced ones, such as field of view, lens correction, and eye distance.

2. Mobile VR Station

Supported OS: iOS and Android[4][5]

Mobile VR Station is one of the VR media players with the best compatibility as it is a native app written in Obj-C with SceneKit. Thus, it is compatible with every headset and has a very flexible configuration. With it, users can:

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